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Related post: Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 12:02:37 -0800 (PST) From: beenthere donethat Subject: Rememberance part 1*Disclaimer*Fuck disclaimers.For archiving at only. Otherwise keep yer fuckin mitts off this. Read on, 17 years porn enjoy.*End Disclaimer*Think of that rare guy you see or meet that just makes you weak in the knees. Not the type thats absoloutely perfect but close, so close that the imperfections make it all the better, That was Paul in my eyes. 5'9" and about 165 lbs of pure redblooded american boy next door with straight blond hair, blue eyes and, near perfect unblemished pale skin that wasn't women in years porn quite translucent enough to show off the blue of the veins that ran beneath it. You could see the muscle he carried so nicely, but he still carred a little layer of his baby fat, just enough to mellow any serious definition. Paul had sort of a 15 year olds nudes cross in style between country boy and preppy. I'm sure that we all have different tastes in guys, but he couldn't have been any more perfect in my eyes.Me, well I was the same height and slightly heavier than Paul, very much a muscle cub then, long dark hair and deep brown puppy dog eyes. I'm a half breed native, but looked (and was mistaken for) mexican many a time. I've worn a moustache since I was fifteen or so, but it was more of a heavy peachfuzz thing back then, and I've always been hairy top to bottom otherwise. We girls nude 14 years were both about 6 inches cut, Paul's just a little longer yet not nude pic 16 years as thick voyeur 16 year girl as Naked 16 year olds mine. I loved that contrast between us, Paul so exceedingly smooth , myself covered 16 year nude free in fur. I was a Harley riding, beer drinkin, truck driving, biker, back then. If that helps to paint the picture.We were 18 or 19 then, I honestly don't recall for sure, but not more than a year out of high school. I had known Paul since we were 13-16 year pussypics little kids. He lived 12 year nude xxx a few miles up the defloration and 15 years road. We played together, 12 years girls fuck but were never close friends. I certainly never had any reason to think he was anything but straight. The funny part was in twelwe years sex all the time I had known him I never really considered him sexually, at least I never lingered on him. That was a rarity for me, as I was always endlessly lusting after one guy or another. It was his personality that never worked for me. I realize now that he was guarding his secrets, and I pity 13 year girl naked him for that existance, he was a typical homophobic closet case.I had just come out to my best friend (whom I was dead in lust with) and he mentioned Paul was known to see a certain guy in town who happily shares his weed or beer if he could porno photos 14-15 years suck you off... or more. Gotta love a friend that'll point you in sex 17 years pictures the right direction! Well, needless to say I called on Paul that very night and, that was the first time I got laid. I'll try and explain that night as best I can. This would have been in the fall of 1987 if I recall. I was still living at home, but had what amounted to the whole furnished basement to myself. pretty sexy sweet years teen cool all in all for a kid. Well I called paul and 14 years teen xxx invited him over to chill and get high. When he arrived I was just hangin out in my TV room havin 13 years sexy teens a few beers and listening to some tunes. We both had a few and passed a joint while we were talkin. I worked up my nerve and casually told paul that I was gay, but teens fuck 16 years at 14 year kds porn the same time I also told him I knew of his involvement with the weed for blowjobs guy, and that pretty much kept him cool enough to not run off. Call it blackmail sort of, but more of a bargaining chip for his silence. I didn't trust Paul then, and felt I should make it clear that I could do damage too, if need be. I really didn't want to get outed, but that didn't turn out to be a problem.Paul and I both maintained relationships aside from each other. He was dating this free sex video 13years 16 years porno free incredibly hot girl, but not fucking her I'm sure, and I was seeing a 20 year old from a few towns 15 year old xxx away. Once sekx 15 years porno I had Matt (my 20 yo) over at the house and Paul stopped in. We were all sitting in my bedroom having a few beers and 14yearold bikini girls I got up and 17 years teens porn went outside the room to 16 year blonde pussy get some more beers from the fridge and made a stop in the bathroom to take a leak. The next thing I know I hear this loud bang naked 16 year oldteens and crash, when I returned to my room theres Paul standing over Matt who made a pass at him amd got punched right in the eye for his attempt. Paul and I were alike in that neither of us was at all obvious, Matt was pretty damn obvious, but he was hot, so I just dealt with it. Personally I found it all to be rather funny, I had warned matt to behave and he didn't (not that I blame 15 years nude him, that would have been a fun threesome... what does one horny top do with two hot bottom boys at a time? nudist 16 years russian *evil grin*). But I yesteryear actress sex digress.What I found out was that the way porno 14-15 years video to Pauls heart, butt, and other areas was through patience, and beer. Now Paul never got drunk, or anywhere near fucked up pussy girl 16 years enough to use it as any sort of excuse, just enough to take the edge off his inhibitions. And once he had a few he fuckink teens 13 year was pretty blatent.As we sat there and talked about what was up in our lives he 17 years old porn up gallery 15 porn years and takes off his T shirt, offers up the excuse "I'm hot 14 years erotic girls at the moment" . Yeah, I got the message, but I was still a bit too scared to just start anything. We talked and loosened up more and all of a sudden he stands up and undoes the button and fly of his fuck teen 16 years Levi's, offering the same excuse again. Off come his pants and he casually sits back down with me and carries on as if nothing was odd about doing so. 16 years naked teens Heres this beautiful guy, sitting two feet 10 year young porno from me, in just his socks and underwear with a raging hardon... That was all the reason I needed to get things rolling, girls 14year old fucking I moved up next to him on the couch and reached out for him. teen mpeg 16 year I can still remember vividly how ungodly hard I was and how much harder I became as I first touched his porno 13 year hardness. I remember how it jumped underneath that white cotton. I can still hear his low moan as I rubbed my hand over his hard cock ever so gently. I don't think I could ever describe in words the sensations or tastes of that first time taking Pauls cock in my mouth, or the scent he 16 years fuck carried. I do remember how it drove me on though... so very very powerful."Still hot" I asked him"Yeah"I took a moment to strip off my 16 year girl fucking shirt and pants to at least even out our clothing situation and dropped back down on the couch to further explore where the evening was going to take us. We didn't find many more words that evening, but we damn sure did learn 13 years porn pics to communicate with each other.I count myself as very fortunate to have had my first real experience with Paul. He was, as I learned, first year breast pump a very willing and talented partner. We moved into my bedroom and into a 69 position on my bed. It was then that I first tasted dick, and 15 years nude girls liked it. As i sucked on Paul he guided me with words and my cock got left by the 13 years pedo wayside, but that was ok, I was 17 year pussy very into 14 year-old porn the new sensations and tastes. I pulled off of his cock and spent some time licking and sucking on his balls and inner thighs, and he returned to sucking 13 years old fuck girl 14 years sex on me.There I am on my side, with my head resting on his inner thigh licking and sucking every inch of his crotch, him still tonguing my rock hard cock, and he moves a bit more and thirteen year kiddy naked spreads his legs a bit wider making access to his perenium much easier. As i moved my mouth back and started 13-16 year nudist working on that area with light slow licks and long slow sucks he began to manuver himself so that I was back further and further. Now I gotta tell 16 year old schoolgirl you, I'm a 16year old porno vidyo total ass man, I love it, always have. It's like a fetish for me, and he had this incredible ass. Almost a total bubble butt but not quite, wonderful soft rounded cheeks that just screamed out for attention. I knew what he wanted and I knew I wanted to give it to 16 year fuckpics him. I was a 12years sex bit tentative at first, slowly sliding my tongue up the crack but not going deep at all, then working back down some to his cock.I found myself suddenly pushed over onto my back and he swung up over me and pulled his knees forward exposing himself to me. I made that first tentative swipe with my tongue and found him hot fresh and clean. That was all it took for me fucking 14 years old to dig right in 16 year girls porn and I did. He responded to every swipe of my tongue, sometimes japanese nudes 16 years pushing back as if to drive my tongue inside him. He stopped sucking on me but still played with my cock, kept me on edge, occasionally sucking me back 13 years girls pussy into his hot mouth then releasing me again. I spent what felt like hours eating him out, 16 years girlssex driving my tongue as deep as I possibly could. massaging 16 years girl pussy those wonderful masturbation 14 years pics cheeks in my hands. He just responded more and more, teens 16 years sexgallery it was so obvious how into this he was and I knew how badly I wanted to fuck him.I brought my index finger to my mouth and soaked 16 years porn virgin it completely. I slowly slid it into him, 13 years fuck and was amazed with the feel of his ass, how incredibly hot and tight it seemed to me. I finger fucked him for quite a while and then moved him so that I could get up on my knees behind him. He didn't complain or hesitate and neither did I. I had 10-14 years sexmovie vaseline handy that I used to jerk off with and spent a fair amount of time lubing him up with it, then covered year naked teen my cock and worked it in some. This is where I was totally blown away pedo xxx 10 years because as I positioned my cock head as his entrance and applied a bit of pressure, he reached back 16 years xxx free with one hand and grabbed my ass and pulled me into him in one movement. I'm sure that it wasn't five whole seconds from the time I was getting lined up till the time sex cildren 12-year-old anal I was sunk completely inside him. I'm also sure that it wasn't 5 more seconds before I came deep inside him.I don't think there is any wilder feeling that the first time 14 year old rape your so overcome with the sensations of sliding your cock into someone elses body. I came so fucking hard that I was spacy for a few moments. Paul 15 year porn mpeg knew I'd come, but started to grind back against girls 16 years porno me, and as soon as I could stand to I started to rock and buck with him, slowly and deeply fucking him for all I was worth. I leaned myself down and pressed into his back and we rode that way until I came a second time. then he russian 13 year nude grabbed my hand and moved it to his cock. 16 years girls fuck I was still pretty hard and we young porn 14years went long enough for us to both come again.That was without a doubt the most intense pretenn bikini 13 years experience of my young 16 years girl fuck life, 14 years nude underground and the first real sexual one I'd ever seventeen year old pussy experienced. Dreams do come true.Paul and I were very 14 yearsold porno active over the next year or nude 13 years teen so, he was very much an enthusiastic bottom boy and I was very much an enthusiastic top. Always he approached sex the same way, clothing came off with the expected "I'm hot" comments, me returning with "yup, me too". I always had to make the first moves young 12 years nude physically, but free 14 year nudes that was never an issue. It was always a pleasure to curl up beside him and fish his cock out of his jeans and start girls - 15 years-foto him up.I know I really shocked him once when he came to visit. I had an itch that I 17 year old naked decided needed to be scratched and just after he got 14 16 year porno in the house I stopped him, stripped him, and put him on his back on the couch. I lubed up his cock and my ass then jumped on for a ride. It was my first time getting fucked and I almost think, from baby 14 years foto his sheer delight that it may well have been his first time fucking, hard to say. I still jack off to that memory, it's as fresh and clear as yesterday. It was a hell of a ride for me, and I hope for him also.I always remember corny quotes from corny movies, and it has always been the "Nothing gold can stay" fourteen years old sex comment from Ralph Macchio (he was fuckin hot too) in The Outsiders that I think of when Paul comes to my mind. Paul as always continued in his denial, but 12 year russian nude confided in me one night while acting very drunk, that we should become a couple. I laughed that fuck 14 year girl off and told him that he'd never even admit to saying that the next 10 yearsold sex day, he agreed that he probably wouldn't (he didn't). I never did get hung up on him, although now, years later, I often wonder what became of him. After that first year we drifted apart. I moved on to other places and other people. I've not heard from him kiddies 13 years fucking since.I'll probably write up some of my other desnudas 16 years grils nudes 13 years experiences sometime down the line.
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